Sunday, 8 July 2012

Spinning 'Til I'm Dizzy

That's what the manhunk says whenever I tell him I'm going to sit down and spin a bit. I just started spinning this year, and one of the problems I saw with my equipment was that it wasn't....pretty enough! Especially the orifice hook that came with my wheel. It was just a bent piece of metal. No fun. So The manhunk took a piece of metal something or other from the garage, fashioned one end into a hook, I blinged up the other end, and voila! A pretty hook. It has silver roses and pink purls (Roses & Purls, get it?) and I love it. So we collaborated on a couple more prototypes, and I've listed them in the shop:

I have beads to try out a couple more designs, once this pesky university thing gets out of my way!

I've also been enjoying spinning some beautiful batts that I purchased on Etsy, which has me itching to try making some of my own. I love the ones that come in little "nuggets;" they're easy to divide and also they help me moderate how much spinning I do in one sitting (several car-accident related upper body injuries + 1 wrestling injury + getting *ahem* older = unhappy shoulders and neck when spinning!).

So I've ordered some lovely bits and bobbles of fibre and will head to the LYS this week to pick up some fibre to dye. Now if I can just convince the manhunk to build me a hackle.....

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