Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring is here....finally!

Well, I have been kept very busy with school this last month and haven't done much except mull over and jot down ideas. Last night I was going to start a new batch of infinity scarves, but decided that the saris I was going to use would just not work. The "art silk" (ie synthetic) saris just won't give me the drape that I want. The purple sari gave me nice body and shape, but the ivory ones have too much embroidery and are quite stiff. I am now on the hunt for vintage pure silk saris, which should have a beautiful drape. The honey is off to work out of town for the week, giving me some self-indulgent me-time to put into the shop. Tonight after Easter dinner at my sister's down the road I'll be creating and posting some removable stitch markers; I made a set for myself last week when I was attempting to finish an Ishbel (Ysolda Teague) shawl that has been two years in the  making. The removable markers allowed me to mark my mistakes in the row when I found them so that I could fix them later. Also tonight I'll be designing a new knitting pattern, and will be selling the finished project in the shop. More to come on that process and product later.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Shop updates

Well, the hunny was off working on getting the trailer hitch ready for the truck, so I took the time to make three new sets of markers, and was able to try out some of my new ideas for the photography. I used scrapbooking paper for the backgrounds which allowed me to use different colours to set off the stitch markers, and and tried some different angles. I think they came out better than the first set of photos I did. Today I'm heading to town to pick up some thread and hope to get more scarves sewn this weekend.

Friday, 1 April 2011

To do list

This weekend I'll be doing some more sewing and beading, and definitely working on my photography skills, trying to take more attractive photos for the etsy site. I came up with a few ideas last night, mostly about angles and backgrounds. I'll also be working on some of the knitting patterns I'm going to design and perhaps getting started on some products. I've receive a lot of positive feedback on the etsy site, which is encouraging! Now I would really like to get a few more items listed so it doesn't look so bare.