Sunday, 20 November 2011

Well, it's been awhile....

Teaching, a horrible online FSL course, and a new housemate (the dreamy hunkster) have kept me busy, but finally this week I've managed to make some new items and get them up on the etsy shop. I've added two hats; same style but different colourways. I'd knit one for myself several years ago, and after having many a stranger approach me and say "You should sell those!" I decided it was time to. It's a nice simple knit perfect for the ride to work. I've also taken some time to update my shipping profiles (after getting some straight answers from Canada Post as to what shipping should consistently cost me - it was differing from post office to post office!), and ordered some new business cards that will double as packaging and tags. I don't like superfluous packaging, and have been aiming to keep mine minimal, but I did need something that looked more professional.

I've also been working on some new patterns, most of which unfortunately will be discussed in the next post. You'll see what I mean. I intend to soon be adding Hunters' Trigger Finger Mitts to the hand-knit section of the shop, and creating two new sections - Wee Ones, with baby and toddler hats, and Nordic-inspired buntings that I've spent the last 8 months or so working on (just need a successful test knit). I will also be adding Happy Housewares, including sewn aprons in cheeky patterns, hand-made rugs, and pot-holders also in a Nordic pattern that I impressed my students by graphing out myself - with their help of course.

This weekend I attended the Artisans Northwest fair in Thunder Bay with my mom, and was completely inspired. My goal is to show my items in a few local (and perhaps not so local) craft fairs next fall, which means a lot of power-producing and stocking up on items. That will be the challenge. I also attended the local Country Market, and scored some bulky yarn in delicious pinks and whites - which will be turned into a new line of hats for Wee Ones.

Also on an unrelated, but not quite so, note I treated myself to a Jordana Paige knitting bag, which should help make my work more portable and more productive. At least that's how I justified it ;)

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