Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring is here....finally!

Well, I have been kept very busy with school this last month and haven't done much except mull over and jot down ideas. Last night I was going to start a new batch of infinity scarves, but decided that the saris I was going to use would just not work. The "art silk" (ie synthetic) saris just won't give me the drape that I want. The purple sari gave me nice body and shape, but the ivory ones have too much embroidery and are quite stiff. I am now on the hunt for vintage pure silk saris, which should have a beautiful drape. The honey is off to work out of town for the week, giving me some self-indulgent me-time to put into the shop. Tonight after Easter dinner at my sister's down the road I'll be creating and posting some removable stitch markers; I made a set for myself last week when I was attempting to finish an Ishbel (Ysolda Teague) shawl that has been two years in the  making. The removable markers allowed me to mark my mistakes in the row when I found them so that I could fix them later. Also tonight I'll be designing a new knitting pattern, and will be selling the finished project in the shop. More to come on that process and product later.

Happy Easter!

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